Rubbish collecting in MOP

In the month of March 2012, our volunteers from Teach in Borneo, Barbara and Katharina took the children for a walk around the village to clean up their surroundings!

Even though it was a sunny day, it was a fun day to clean up the village with kids holding big bags and filling them up with trash.

We hope that we could do this more often to instill the habit in the children and the community there to keep their village clean and nice.

Doing village clean up alone is never fun but when doing it with a group of friends, it is one of the best activities to do in the evening!

Katharina, one of our volunteers standing in the back row, third from the left.

Barbara, another of our long term volunteer taking photos of the kids!

Sunny Day! A good day for a village clean up!

The kids love to do something new everyday!

How cool is that when you see young children helping out as well =D

Ecoteer would like to thank our volunteers for organizing many of the trips and activities for the children and made this project a succesful project! Keep up the good work Barbara and Katharina!

Thank you Barbara and Toby for helping out in the HUTAN visit the to Melanking Oil Palm Plantation as well!

To know more about this project, go to Teach in Borneo Malaysia.

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