Planting lessons

During the month of May, our volunteers Katharina & Eileen taught the kids how to plant. They provided them each with a pot, soil and seeds.

After a month, the plants are growing really well even though the oil palm plantation village is currently having quite a bad drought. The children now use the plants to decorate their school.

The children love it when Ecoteer volunteers come and teach them something new during their class and just make things less routine and more interesting to learn and our volunteers are able to get them really excited and eager to go to school every day. Whenever they see a new volunteer a rriving, they will be shy but also eager to get to know the volunteers and ask them so many questions about what they do and where they came from.

These volunteers who mainly come from the UK and may other western countries is also able to teach them subjects which are not covered by the local school syllabus such as environmental awareness studies, arts & craft, math and science in English and many more. The children are also starting to pick up English with a variety of accents as well as other foreign language – one word at a time.

As these kids do not get the chance to go out of the palm oil plantation very often, our volunteers bring their world into the plantation through books, movies, stories etc and they children have ‘seen’ many things just from the stories of the volunteers.

It is also an interesting experience for the volunteers because the children will also share bits of pieces of their life with the volunteers while interacting with them. The volunteers will learn about their culture and the children way of living and get an insight of how the community thinks and react toward certain issues, learning what is taboo in the community and what’s not. It is a great cultural experience and because the minimum stay required is 4 weeks, volunteers will be able to observe and help out in many ways.

Teach in Borneo is an interesting project to take on if you enjoy teaching and learning about culture from the people themselves and not from the tourist guide. On weekends, you also get to chance to visit famous locations such as the Turtle Island, Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, Mount Kinabalu and many more.

Read more about this project at Teach in Borneo or email for more information.

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