Katharina’s Fundraising Project

Who knew fundraising could be just as easy as ABC and 123!

Katharina is one of Ecoteer’s volunteer who will be joining the Teach English in Borneo project in Malaysia early this year. She will be paying for her expenses however she wanted to fund raise to collect donation for the school.

Her methods were simple.

1. Promote her fundraising project on a fundraising website. Here is the link to her website if you wish to donate or just see how successful it is!

2. Send a personalized email with the fundraising page link to her family, relatives, friends and work colleagues.

3. Currently she managed to raise GBP 285.00 for the school!

If you would like to fund raise for any projects listed in ecoteer.com or ecoteerresponsibletravel.com, email explore@ecoteer.com to receive the Ecoteer Fundraising Pack or forward any of your enquiry to us.

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