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Getting to know what inspires our volunteers!

volunteer with orangutans in Indonesia
Ecoteer had always aimed to promote the spirit of voluntourism.

At the same time, we had always wanted to find out what inspires our voluntours to commit their time and effort in a voluntour placement.

Therefore, Ecoteer would like to share some of our volunteers views, perspective and thoughts (with their permissions of course =D).

Here is one from Phil, from the Jogjakarta Orangutan & Wildlife Rescue project, Indonesia.

1. First of all, Ecoteer has many volunteering projects around Asia. Why did you choose Jogjakarta?
I choose Jogjakarta as it is part of a course through Animal Jobs Direct which is also how I found it as I have previously studied diplomas through Animal Jobs Direct. Continue reading…

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Perhentian Marine Research Team – Goodbye 2014

As monsoon season brings in stormy skies over the stunning Perhentian Islands, our Marine Research and Conservation programme has now closed for the winter.
Perhentian-Islands-Marine-Research-Project-Update-SeptOct-2014_page1_image2 Over the last few weeks, the program staffs have been rounding up all of this year’s data into a final report.
Perhentian-Islands-Marine-Research-Project-Update-SeptOct-2014_page1_image1 We have also been busy preparing the Blue Temple House for the impending rains of the annual monsoon season which starts around mid October and ends in Febuary. Continue reading…

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It’s never dull in the Rainforest Conservation team!

08 2014 RA Pictorial Report_page2_image1The Rainforest Awakening program in August started of with Geraldine who was in Ipoh for 3D2N helping out with the community centre (mostly paint involved) and she managed up to Batu Suluh as well. A pat on the back for her and we hope that she enjoyed the climb!

08 2014 RA Pictorial Report_page3_image2

Then came Kate and Tom who had a ‘flying start’ at Bukit Kinding Resort, trying out the flying fox flying across the ‘vast’ vegetation on the land.

Continue reading…

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Fruit Galore in the Forest

08 2014 TT Pictorial report_page2_image1

In August, the Tiger Conservation Malaysia volunteers went trekking on the Palas Trail to spot any poacher’s signs. We found footprints along the sandy banks of the river. Could this print belong to a fishing cat??

08 2014 TT Pictorial report_page2_image2

We went back to Batu Baoh to inspect the 10 snare traps we found in our previous trip and found that all of them have been removed. Thanks to Perhilitan for taking care of business. Perhilitan is Department of Wildlife and National Park of Malaysia.
Continue reading…

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Fun July at the Rainforest projects in Ipoh

This month started well with the mission of completing the interior paint work at the hostel and undercoat for Education Centre and the day was wrapped up with a nice dip in the river at the Rainforest Community & Conservation project.

07 2014 RA Pictorial Report_page2_image3

Continue reading…

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Celebrating World Ocean Day at Perhentian Islands!

At the beginning of June we celebrated World Oceans Day here in the Perhentian Islands.


We celebrated the day with a huge beach clean and litter picking in the village leaving only foot prints and nothing else!

Continue reading…

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Travel Adventure With Ashley & Her Yoga Mat

It has been half a year since the Karma Yoga Voluntour programs had kicked started and it took our Yoga instructor, Ashley to many of Ecoteer’s volunteering projects around Asia.

The Karma Yoga programs are a combination of yoga learning sessions while volunteering at beautiful and peaceful places which are hard to come across!

With her yoga mat as her loyal travelling companion, Ashley had traveled to Japan’s Solar Cafe & Organic farm project in May. Rizal, who joined the Ashley in Japan, learn basic yoga poses which were helpful to soothe his aching muscles after a hard day at the organic farm. Together both of them had a wonderful farming, cooking and exploring moments around Mount Fuji, Japan’s most iconic mountain.

yoga class

Yoga sessions Continue reading…

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Rachel’s Jungle Adventure!

Rachel volunteered with Fuze-Ecoteer Rainforest Awakening Conservation project in March 2014. Here she shares her testimonial with us:

Pictorial report on Rainforest Awakening March 2014 (1)_page28_image1

I had such a great time at the Rainforest Awakening project. Everyone who I met while on the project were amazing and really had a passion for what they were doing. They were really supportive, especially during the hike, and always made me feel part of the team. Continue reading…

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Tiger Conservation Volunteer Taman Negara Feb 2014

Pictorial report on Tiger Conservation Volunteer Taman Negara February 2014 expedition.

By Sri Rao, Ecoteer Volunteer Coordinator

The first Tiger Trail expedition of the year kicked of in February and it was a trip that had a lot to be discovered. Tiger Trail is held at the wildlife corridor between the Taman Negara National Park and the main mountain range in West Malaysia. Besides animal prints, poachers camps were found and also the team heard poachers carrying out their illegal activities while the team was conducting jungle walks. It was anxious and a concerning situation to be in, but it was an important reminder that poachers are very clearly present in our forest threatening the tiger and other wildlife population in Malaysia.

Pictorial report on Tiger Trail Feb 2014_page2_image1One of the few poachers camp site discovered during the MYCAT walks. This one was left about 2 months ago and we found traces of ‘gaharu’ (agarwood) from the site. Gaharu is listed as a potentially threatened species due to over harvesting and habitat loss. Continue reading…

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Rainforest Conservation Volunteer March 2014

Pictorial report on Rainforest Conservation Volunteer March 2014.

By Sri Rao, Rainforest Awakening Volunteer Coordinator

The March expedition was the first Rainforest Awakening trip of 2014 and it was a success filled with sweet memories and great personal achievements for each volunteer. The Fuze-Ecoteer team had a wonderful time hosting the volunteers and would like to share bits and pieces of the expedition. Like the saying goes, “Sharing is caring!”

Pictorial report on Rainforest Awakening March 2014 (1)_page2_image1Rachel (left) being taught how to tie a hammock by Pie. Continue reading…

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