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Celebrating World Ocean Day at Perhentian Islands!

At the beginning of June we celebrated World Oceans Day here in the Perhentian Islands.


We celebrated the day with a huge beach clean and litter picking in the village leaving only foot prints and nothing else!

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How Many Types of Volunteering Are There?

Many of us had always dream to go for a volunteer trip, but we can’t seem to find that perfect volunteering role we had always dreamt of.

Maybe it is just that we didn’t know what options are available and we don’t know where to find for them. Are there more options than the usual conservation work and teaching languages? Well of course there are!

Below are the types of volunteering roles which are ‘out there some where’ and we hope that you can keep looking for the right one for you!

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Rainforest Awakening Expedition in April

A short pictorial summary of the Rainforest Awakening in April

 mobile kuih shop

Trying out the local ‘kuih’, we have mobile ‘kuih’ in the village Continue reading…

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Jogjakarta Orangutan Project Updates! – April 2014


Big news at Jogja Wildlife Rescue Centre this month… we’ve discovered Bigfoot!!!

Oh wait – that’s just Gorgon the orangutan enjoying all the space in his brand NEW CAGE! The Centre has been short of cages since the birth of a baby orangutan, Mungil, last May.  Her father, Joko, had to be removed from the enclosure he once shared with mate Ucok, to protect the baby. Continue reading…

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Tiger Conservation Volunteer Taman Negara Feb 2014

Pictorial report on Tiger Conservation Volunteer Taman Negara February 2014 expedition.

By Sri Rao, Ecoteer Volunteer Coordinator

The first Tiger Trail expedition of the year kicked of in February and it was a trip that had a lot to be discovered. Tiger Trail is held at the wildlife corridor between the Taman Negara National Park and the main mountain range in West Malaysia. Besides animal prints, poachers camps were found and also the team heard poachers carrying out their illegal activities while the team was conducting jungle walks. It was anxious and a concerning situation to be in, but it was an important reminder that poachers are very clearly present in our forest threatening the tiger and other wildlife population in Malaysia.

Pictorial report on Tiger Trail Feb 2014_page2_image1One of the few poachers camp site discovered during the MYCAT walks. This one was left about 2 months ago and we found traces of ‘gaharu’ (agarwood) from the site. Gaharu is listed as a potentially threatened species due to over harvesting and habitat loss. Continue reading…

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Rainforest Conservation Volunteer March 2014

Pictorial report on Rainforest Conservation Volunteer March 2014.

By Sri Rao, Rainforest Awakening Volunteer Coordinator

The March expedition was the first Rainforest Awakening trip of 2014 and it was a success filled with sweet memories and great personal achievements for each volunteer. The Fuze-Ecoteer team had a wonderful time hosting the volunteers and would like to share bits and pieces of the expedition. Like the saying goes, “Sharing is caring!”

Pictorial report on Rainforest Awakening March 2014 (1)_page2_image1Rachel (left) being taught how to tie a hammock by Pie. Continue reading…

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The Elephant Diary

Chandima Fernando is the Field Projects Manager of the Sri Lanka Elephant Research & Conservation project. The studies he is conducting at the project site in Wasgamuwa is providing insightful and enlightening information to understand human and elephant behaviour in a landscape that both people and elephant use for their survival. Through the Elephant Diary we hope to provide a window into this world of people and elephants.

elephant researchSinha approaching the tank

September 08th 2013: We were at the Weheragala Tank and the time was around 6:30 in the evening. A dominant bull elephant that we had named Sinha (lion) started to move towards water, frequently glancing at us. Continue reading…

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Choosing the right volunteer opportunity

How to choose the best volunteering project for you?

There are lots of volunteering opportunities available but it’s important that you find the one that suits you best. It is a good idea to approach your volunteer search like you would a normal job search. However place your focus at looking for an enjoyable way to spend your valuable time – with the added bonus of helping others.

There are important factors to consider while looking for volunteer opportunities, so what you find is important to you and fits into your personal and professional life. Continue reading…

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Erin & the Bali Starlings

Erin Rice - Teaching other staff to use the GPSErin (center) teaching a volunteer and a staff how to use the GPS

Mapping roads and villages, and planting seedlings are just some of the task Erin Rice, a 36 year old American, tackled as a volunteer in the Bali Starling Conservation project at Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia.

Erin, from Perth Australia, took three weeks out from her job as a geographical information system analyst, to volunteer on the island, a 45-minute boat trip from the mainland Bali.

“I was looking for a place to volunteer and Bali and this project was the most informative – and I had always wanted to go to Nusa Penida because that’s where everybody in Bali told me I should never go.” Continue reading…

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My Volunteering Experience in Nepal

Rizal recently volunteered in the Educate the Children in Nepal volunteering program and here he shares his experience.

“Surrender” – the one and only advice given to me by a fellow volunteer an hour after arriving at the Tribhuvan Airport. While the word itself was simple, the weight of it was tremendously felt the morning of the second day. Fifteen hours of two bus rides and halfway through my six hours hike to Chisapani Village, I kept repeating that word in my head like a mantra. “Surrender”, the only way to enjoy this retreat is to surrender to the experience, totally. I wasn’t there to be cuddled by the comfort of home. Continue reading…

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